mercredi 11 mars 2015

Lifetime CU4CU Licence and TOU !

This is my Lifetime CU4CU Licence!
You have to purchase it for $15 USD

You can find it on stores now here :

This is a one time purchase and it entitles you to create your own commercial use items to sell or give as freebie.
All my Scripts are sale apart Templates. You can create your own commercial use items with my scripts and template.Only those with label CU4CU.
But some of scripts and Template are using resources from other designers, for this one I will label them as "Not CU4CU" on description on stores.
So Scripts and Template with only "CU/OK" are not for using for your own commercial use Items.
All my CU packs are not "CU4CU".

This is my other TOU concerning this Lifetime CU4CU License : with this licence :

1 - You can create CU's with my CU items. This will be for all my items marked as CU4CU.
2 - You can also create scripts and actions with my CU's as long as you add your own style.
3 - You will be able to create your own commercial use items with both my free and purchased CU items. 
4 - You must make modifications to my CU's. Modifications are not just recolor or resize : you have to add your own style in them if it's going to be a stand alone product.
5 - My CU's can not be repacked, sold or given as is unless they are in a CU Elements Pack and the pack, as long as you added your own style, does not contain only my Commercial Use items as long.
6 - No more than 30% of my CU's should be in a CU Elements pack.
7 - You can include or make a template as long as you added your own style,
8 - All your own work make with my items has to be flattened in their result (scripts and templates must be flattened)
9 - This license does not allow you to offer my CU items as CU4CU.

10 - You must place this license in your blog, site or store (where applicable) with a link back to MMeliCrea Designz. The license will bear your blog, site and Designer name on it.
11 - Credit is required in your Read Me or Credits folder = my designer name - Link my blog - Number of the licence I gave you:
MMeliCrea Designz - - Lifetime CU4CU License (Number of the licence).

11 - This license is unique and non-transferable : it's yours so personnal and not for another people.
12 - This licence does not expire unless you are found to be violation of my Terms of Use.
13 - After purchasing the license, you have to email me the doc in the download zip where you have to let me know with your site name and link. Doc name is "MMeliCrea Designz Infos".
14 - Once you purchase the license you can start creating your CU's before you get the license.

Please allow 48 hours or less for the license to be issued.
Please email me at if you have any question regarding this licence with "LICENCE CU4CU" as title.

Melinou MeliCrea
aka MMeliCrea Designz

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