mardi 3 mars 2015

Collab for Lyme Desease - PTU The 50's !

New great amazing Collab for Lyme Desease !
"Angels and Artists Against Lyme Collab"

This Collab was created by several very talented Designers
from all over the net to offer you a lot of
kits, CU's, Tubes, Clusters Frames.
It is a joint effort that came from a shared passion of
helping Elizabeth Austin in her time of need.

You can purchase this wonderfull collab
for only 10$ USD just by clicking here :

This collab includes:
- 13 Kits
- 5 CU's
- 24 Cluster Frames
- 6 Tubes

And also tags and tuts on the blog
and other infos of the Lyme Desease.

This is my part of this amazing Collab 
PTU kit "The 50's".

Have fun with.

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